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The Mission

The Seen Society amplifies the experiences of women living with invisible illnesses to create capacity for authentic, inclusive leadership.

The Seen Society seeks to revise the narrative about who people with invisible illnesses are, what they need, and aid in the curation of inclusive environments where everyone thrives.  

The Seen Society desires partner with organizations and individuals that value wellness, health equity/access, diversity, equity and inclusion.


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My Story


I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Colitis at 12 years old. As my disease progressed, I ended up developing another chronic illness. I spent over 2 decades battling illnesses while navigating college as a first-generation college student and professional roles in the education and corporate sectors. I spent years feeling “stuck in the middle” in my career after traditional career advice did not work.

The catalyst of The Seen Society occurred when I returned to work after an emergency surgery 10 years ago and realized “traditional” career advice did not work for women like me. I spent the next 6 years building a strategy built on my health, personal, and career needs. I have been in remission for the past 5 years, I have a manageable career and salary that works for me - and most importantly, I work in an inclusive environment that enables me to leverage my skill set and find work-life harmony.

As a coach I understand each woman has a unique version of what success looks like for her. I use my Thrive Visible Framework (trademark pending) to help my clients build a strategy to reach the success they desire. As a speaker and inclusive leadership facilitator, I share my story in various ways to examine the tangible and intangible costs of non-inclusive environments and to build cultures that maximize results. My hope is to inspire inclusion for more than what is seen, advocate for safe environments for those experiencing a chronic illness, and guide people to understanding their value as their authentic self. 



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